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Into Techno and Electronic Music. Looking for the best techno music and DJs?  Need to find a DJ?  Search for the hottest and best techno DJs across the globe in our DJ Listings and don't let your event go unnoticed!  We're dedicated to the Promotion of Electronic Music. Techno, House, Trance, NRG and more - and to the DJs who spin this style of music.  We've traveled worldwide for the past 12 years to thousands of electronic music events and more.  We have seen hundreds of DJs spinning some of the best electronic music ever produced. We've held many events under various names and have had resident techno DJs - and DJs of all genres - as well as several on tour with top promoters across the world.  Look for our name in magazines, record stores, clubs, and wherever electronic music is heard. Technotreff has teamed with numerous west coast DJs and plans to book and tour with even more.  Be sure to check back frequently and view our calendar of events and tour dates. We are always interested in hearing about your event or DJ’s, so feel free to contact us and always send photos!  We thrive on a good “vibe” and we're here to keep it real!

Technotreff started 15 years ago in an old warehouse in downtown Los Angeles with a large sound system and 300 ravers jumping to the sounds we call Techno.  Techno has come a long way since the good old days. The Music has evolved to a newfound beat that can be heard in clubs, on the radio, in TV commercials, and even in the movies!  Electronic Music is everywhere. We've had a chance to experience the best DJs, best tracks, and even some of the hottest techno events in the world.  We've been to raves, parties, conventions, receptions, and clubs from Paris to New York and Los Angeles to Berlin! We would like to thank all that have supported the movement and hope you continue to share our common goal.  Over the last several years we have seen some uprising stars.  We have also seen some Techno DJs, Trance DJs and various club spinners who need more practice - but we're here to help!  So find a DJ for your event right here, or even list yourself as a hot DJ in our DJ Listings area.

Technotreff would like to announce the release of a complete line of Techno DVDs.  They are all now available online and in stores nationwide.

Technotreff has listened to thousands of CDs sent to us from all over the world.  It is very exciting to see that we all share the same passion for the Electronic music scene.  We invite all DJs to send us your demos and photos.  As you can see, our photo section has expanded quite rapidly.  With proper notice, we just might fly out to your next event and put it on film.

Be sure to sign our mailing list so we can keep you posted on all the DJs and their respective upcoming events.

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